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7 Things That Can Get You Into Trouble With The Police (SARS)

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is notorious for profiling people, mostly young Nigerians. The activities of the special police unit are now trending on social media . Hundreds of people are narrating the experience with SARS operatives.
If the tweets are anything to go by, you could get arrested by SARS for looking or dressing some type of way. The reasons range from the ridiculous to the unbelievable.
You can read them below;
  • Tattoos
    Tattoos are works of art and harmless fun but SARS use it to profile criminals. Having a tattoo or tattoos would most likely make you a suspect in the eyes of SARS officials. These law enforcement officials seem to believe only criminals have tattoos.
    If you bump into any of them and have a tattoo you are going to be in big trouble. The chances of being arrested and interrogated are pretty high.
  • Laptops
    Having a laptop shouldn’t be a big deal but for SARS operatives it is another indicator that you are into Internet fraud. The mere possession of a laptop would get you into serious trouble with SARS operatives.
    If you do not have a receipt for the laptop then you are in big trouble which might land you in a prison cell. SARS officers don’t believe ordinary citizens should own laptops.
  • Dreadlocks & Beards
    SARS a operatives have been known to arrest men with dreadlocks and beards. It is code red for them. You could be artistic, woke and be a member of the beard gang, SARS could care less.
    No one really knows the connection between crime and having dreadlocks and a beard. You could be as gentle as a dove and still get arrested for having dreads and beards.
  • Ear piercing
    Mainstream Nigeria has always frowned on men with ear piercings so this is not much of a surprise. SARS operatives have jumped on this stereotype to arrest and detain young men with ear piercings.
  • Possession of a mobile phone
    In the 21st century, everyone should have a mobile phone. The men of the SARS don’t seem to think this way. Once they stop you in public, the next thing is to ask for your phone and search it with no warrant.
    The more expensive your phone, the bigger the trouble you are in. You could be called a cultist or Internet fraudster once they go through your phone.
  • Driving a car
    If you are young and have a car, trust me, SARS will you pull you over several times and search it. There are unconfirmed stories of SARS operatives planting incriminating objects in the cars of innocent Nigerians to get them arrested.

  • Dress sexy
    It’s not only men that get wrongly profiled by SARS, women too are victims. Thanks to the anti-SARS Twitter thread we’ve found out that these policemen pick on women too.
    Their style is to harass women who they think dress like prostitutes. These unlucky women are thrown into vans for interrogation or a ride around town.

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Monday, 21 August 2017


Wole Soyinka Biography: Profile & Life History
Professor Wole Soyinka was the first and only Nigerian to win a Nobel Prize and the second African to achieve the same feat. This article looks at the life history of the Wole Soyinka, as well as other little known facts about him – such as his books, literary works, and quotable quotes.
Wole Soyinka Biography
Prof. Wole Soyinka, named Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka, was born on the 13th day of July, 1934 in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria (therefore Wole Soyinka age as of present is 78 andWole Soyinka nationality, without doubt, is Nigerian).
He hails from Isara Remo in Ogun state.
He was the second of the six children born to his family. His father, Samuel Ayodele Soyinka was an Anglican minister, and his mother, Grace Eniola Soyinka, was a trader.
Wole Soyinka’s mother is a descendant of the popular Ransome-Kuti family in Abeokuta. Thus, he was a cousin to the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
Wole Soyinka had his elementary education at the St. Peters primary school in Abeokuta, from where he proceeded to Abeokuta Grammar School, for his secondary education. He gained admission into Federal Government College, Ibadan in 1946.
In 1952, he proceeded to the University College Ibadan, now University of Ibadan, where he studied, Western History, English literature, and Greek.
In 1954, Soyinka began work on a short radio play, “Keffi’s birthday threat”, which was broadcast by the Nigerian Broadcasting Service.
Wole Soyinka went to England in 1954 to continue his studies in literature. There, he worked with and learned from top-notch British writers. Before he defended his Bachelor of Arts degree, Soyinka worked as an editor for a satirical magazine, the Eagle.
Wole Soyinka’s early career
Wole Soyinka wrote his first major play, The Swamp Dwellers in 1958. His second, The Lion and the Jewel, came in 1959. After the publication of these twoWole Soyinka books, he was invited to the Royal Court Theatre, London, where he worked as a play reader.
Soyinka wrote his first play to be produced at the Royal Court Theatre, The Invention, in 1957.
As at 1957, some Wole Soyinka poems, such as “The immigrant” and “My Next Door Neighbour” were already published in the Nigerian magazine, The Black Orpheus.
After receiving the Rockefeller Research Fellowship grant for research on African Theatre, he returned to Nigeria. With the grant, he bought a Land Rover, with which he travelled all over the country during his research works.
It was around this time that he wrote the popular satire, The Trials of Brother Jero.
Though he had won many international awards earlier, Wole Soyinka shot to global fame when he won the Nobel Prize for peacein 1986. His acceptance speech, titled, “This Past Must Address Its Present” was dedicated to Nelson Mandela.
Later in the same year, Wole Soyinka received the Agip Prize for literature.
Wole Soyinka, in 2009, bagged the Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award.
In all, he won over twenty national and international awards and honours.
Note: as is the case with every famous individual, the autobiography of Wole Soyinka is so extensive that it could fill a whole book of several pages.

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When we talk to a new client, we often get asked: what should I do to become a top advertiser? Although every case is unique we believe there are some points which are generally valid and you will be better off with them.
1) Connect your business with Facebook! If you want to be a power-advertiser, your page should shine as well. The more your fans are dedicated to your brands, the better. If your organic posts have good engagement, this will also help your paid reach!
2) Learn about the possibilities in remarketing. Facebook is a truly power-house when you think of remarketing. Its ability to track people cross-device based on FB ID is unique. You should definitely explore its options: from Website custom audiences(WCA – people from your website where you have installed a FB pixel that can carry lots of data), through Custom audiences (e-mail, telephone numbers from your customer base) to Lookalike audiences – people who share the same qualities as any of your existing groups (fans, WCA, CA) – this option gives you the power to go beyond just remarketing and reach new users. Also the DPA (Dynamic product ads), one of the newest features connecting your feed to enable long-tail based remarketing.
3) Go mobile! Facebook now gets most of its revenue through mobile ads. Its unprecedented mobile dominance leads to a simple conclusion. If you want to keep up with the market and the users, you should think of your mobile ads strategy. Do you have a mobile app? Does it support deep links? Do you convert on your mobile site?
4) Set you KPIs right! What do you want to achieve? What is the desired ROI? Do you have your pixels correctly implemented? Even the best platform and tool cannot do „the trick“ if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So think business first – decide about your objectives.
5) Learn directly from Facebook! Some people think “if all else fails, read the manual”. Don’t be one of them. Some people think Facebook doesn’t give you enough information about how to advertise and what to do to make it work. We believe Facebook actually offers you a plenty of great material. Start with the Facebook Blueprintand when needed check the Help Centerwhere you can also find a lot of useful hints.....

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1 of 3
Slight of Hand
Turn an ordinary afternoon into a spellbinding show with these clever sleights of hand, conjured up by Ben Nemzer of Monday Night Magic, in New York City, and Frank Thurston of the Magic Castle, in Hollywood.

Crayon ESP
The Big Reveal
Your child picks a crayon from a box. You guess the color with mind-reading powers!
Level:1 out of 3
Props:A small box of crayons.
Secret Steps
1. Stand with your back to your child. Put your hands behind your back and ask her to pick a crayon out of the box and place it into your hands.
2. Once you can feel it in your fingers, turn to face your child with your hands concealed behind you. While you’re talking about the magic, scrape the crayon with your right thumbnail so some wax gets stuck between your finger and the nail.
3. Keeping the crayon behind your back in your left hand, transfer your child’s thoughts to your own with your right hand. Wave your fingers in front of her face, repeating, “I’m reading your thoughts” and “I’m moving them into my mind.”
4. As you’re waving your hand in front of your eyes, sneak a glimpse of the color under your thumbnail.
5. Reveal the answer, adding a few dramatic abracadabras for effect.

2 of 3
The Card Hotel
The Big Reveal

In a jumble of cards, the kings, queens, jacks, and aces defy the odds to find one another!
Level:2 out of 3
Props:A deck of cards.
Secret Steps
1. Remove all the face cards and aces from the deck—they’re the only cards you need.
2. Place the kings in a row and say, “All the kings decided to check into a hotel. And since they’re nice kings, they decided to bring their wives, the queens.” Now place the queens on top of the kings, matching the suits.
3. Then say, “The queens were such devoted mothers, they didn’t want to leave their sons at home.” Place the jacks on top of the queens, matching the suits.
4. Now say, “Before they all went to bed, they decided to lock their doors.” Place the aces on top of the jacks, matching the suits.
5. Here’s where the story gets interesting. Say, “But in the middle of the night, they all got mixed up.” Put all the stacks of cards together, one on top of the other. Turn the deck facedown and ask your child to cut it three times, being sure to put the deck back together after each cut.
6. When she’s done, say, “But somehow, come morning, everyone was back where he or she belonged.” Starting from the top of the pile, lay the cards out in four stacks facedown, putting one card in each stack until you’re out of cards. Turn the piles over: All the kings will be together, and so will all the queens, jacks, and aces!

3 of 3Levi Brown
The Linking Paper Clips
The Big Reveal

Two plain old paper clips spring into the air and mystifyingly link themselves together!
Level:3 out of 3
Props:A dollar bill and two paper clips.
Secret Steps
1. Take the dollar bill and accordion-fold it into thirds so it’s shaped like an S.
2. Attach one of the paper clips to the front of the bill from the top, with the shorter side of the clip facing you. The clip should go over the outer layer of the folded bill as well as the middle layer, and it should be clipped near the edge of the bill, not the fold.
3. Attach the other paper clip to the back of the bill from the top, with the shorter side facing away from you. Again, the clip should go over the outer layer of the folded bill as well as the middle layer.
4. Take one end of the bill in each hand and give it a quick snap. The clips will fly into the air, and when you pick them up, they’ll be attached. How? Magic, of course.

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Free 5GB Night Data Trick (Airtel My Jackpot Offer)
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For each activity, your account will be credited with 200~300 MB which you can utilize between 12 AM to 6 AM.

(New) Airtel Unlimited 3G Downloading Trick for Android
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Airtel 500 MB Free 3G Data Trick
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 Trick to get 2gb 3G data using Moto E
Here is the latest airtel trick to get 2 gb of 3G data. Follow the steps given below:-
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It is true that Jamb require those with awaiting results to Upload it before August 2017. Now a question comes to mind, how do I upload 2017 Waec awaiting result to my Jamb account ? This is a very good question since Jamb results for 2017 has been released and the performance is very okay.
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7 Things That Can Get You Into Trouble With The Police (SARS)

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is notorious for profiling people, mostly young Nigerians. The activities of the special police unit...