Friday, 18 August 2017


When we talk to a new client, we often get asked: what should I do to become a top advertiser? Although every case is unique we believe there are some points which are generally valid and you will be better off with them.
1) Connect your business with Facebook! If you want to be a power-advertiser, your page should shine as well. The more your fans are dedicated to your brands, the better. If your organic posts have good engagement, this will also help your paid reach!
2) Learn about the possibilities in remarketing. Facebook is a truly power-house when you think of remarketing. Its ability to track people cross-device based on FB ID is unique. You should definitely explore its options: from Website custom audiences(WCA – people from your website where you have installed a FB pixel that can carry lots of data), through Custom audiences (e-mail, telephone numbers from your customer base) to Lookalike audiences – people who share the same qualities as any of your existing groups (fans, WCA, CA) – this option gives you the power to go beyond just remarketing and reach new users. Also the DPA (Dynamic product ads), one of the newest features connecting your feed to enable long-tail based remarketing.
3) Go mobile! Facebook now gets most of its revenue through mobile ads. Its unprecedented mobile dominance leads to a simple conclusion. If you want to keep up with the market and the users, you should think of your mobile ads strategy. Do you have a mobile app? Does it support deep links? Do you convert on your mobile site?
4) Set you KPIs right! What do you want to achieve? What is the desired ROI? Do you have your pixels correctly implemented? Even the best platform and tool cannot do „the trick“ if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So think business first – decide about your objectives.
5) Learn directly from Facebook! Some people think “if all else fails, read the manual”. Don’t be one of them. Some people think Facebook doesn’t give you enough information about how to advertise and what to do to make it work. We believe Facebook actually offers you a plenty of great material. Start with the Facebook Blueprintand when needed check the Help Centerwhere you can also find a lot of useful hints.....

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