Tuesday, 18 July 2017


This are 7 biggest brain damaging habit that we usually and recently found with, this habit is totally affect our brain but it is unknown to us. So we hereby count you luck for reading this post and it will be good if we can avoid the following habits totally.
They are:
1. Missing Breakfast:
Not eating breakfast at the right time.
2. Sleeping Late:
Not also sleeping at the right and normal time.
3. High Sugar Consumption:
Eat a lot of sugar is really affecting our brain.
4. More Sleeping Especially At Morning:
Having an extra sleeping at morning.
5. Eating Meal While Watching Tv Or Computer:
Watching Television Or Computer really add effect to ur brain.
6. Wearing Cap/Scarf Or Socks While Sleeping
Puting Caps/Scarf or socks while sleeping is also abnormal.
7. Habit Of Blocking/Stoping Urine
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