Friday, 7 July 2017

I remember that brighten morning that i board i bus going to my getto area. In the bus there was a beautiful lady sitting beside me, every guy in the bus was looking at the girl but i was really happy because i sit beside the girl, and i keep making all my body genture and laguage just let the girl look my side but eventuall all effort was in vein.
so a thought came into my mind, then i bring out my phone and start making a fake call, "hello mummy am so sorry, i can't make it out today, i know that, that 500,000 is not enough i will still send 200,000 in the evening, pls tell my brother to use my 2017 range over new model to your great mansion, i will not be around today because Dangote said i should represent him in one major conference, goodbye mum" now am thinking that the girl is now appreciating me.
After I finish my call, i notice that the girl staring at me, so i said 'baby let me know your mind now' the girl reply 'when you are trying to remove your phone frm ur pocket, ur phone battery has remove '

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