Monday, 10 July 2017

The Farmer has reveal a way to solve our economy problem, as he said " The reason behind our problem is that we are all ignorant, now i would advise you all to start farming because this is the best way to solve our economy problems, i know some question would start running in your mind like 'we have only a house now, where should we plant' my answer to this is that, let demolish a part out of our house, and start planting, don't let this sound strangely because yoruba people use to say 'Tebi ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise ti bu se' in english 'Poverty is minor when hunger is out of it'. i would advise us to utilize this idea but if we don't God know what will happen next.
This are the words from dis farmer, saying we should farming and demolish a part out house or find a land to plant so that we will totally free from this economy situation.
So what do you think about this farmer's idea, let us know maybe we should utilize it or jextadize it

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